What’s so funny about getting older?

A year or so ago I realized that I want to grow older with a group of women. Maybe it was around the time of my fall when I fractured two bones in my shoulder and was dependent, for a time, on others for my care. What I noticed is that it was mostly the women who came to my aid, not exclusively but predominantly. That wasn’t a big revelation to me but I had never been more grateful for my tribe.

Shortly after that I read the two books that I have written about before, Being Mortal, and When Breath Becomes Air. Both of these books have to do with examining the way we age and the quality of life that we wish to have as we get older. I began to ponder this question of how did I want to age? What quality of life was important to me. I realized that I really wanted to have the support and understanding of my women friends as we traveled through these last years. Could we help each other grow old with some degree of grace, as well as drive each other to the doctor’s appointments when we fall or get sick? I decided to start my own group. I chose 6 women who I know are all on a spiritual path….that was an important consideration, to me. They range in age from 60-78 and most of us are single. We decided to start with a book, called, Aging as a Spiritual Practice. We meet once a month, have a brief ceremony, share what is going on with us and talk a bit about the book.  We decided that laughter was important to us as well as movement so each month we share something that has made us laugh. Dancing is also a part of our time together as well as singing.  It is such fun.

Going through my notes today in preparation for our next meeting I came across all of the jokes I have collected and shared during this past year and got tickled all over again…..you know, the good thing about not having such a great memory is that you can enjoy the same things countless times. So here are some of the funnier ones.

“Old age is coming at a really bad time.”

“I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg.”

“I’m so old I remember when water was free and you had to pay for porn”

“I’m so old I can remember going through a whole day without taking a picture of anything.”

“As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.”

“The idea is to die young…as late as possible.”

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are having a conversation.  Charlie Brown says, “Some day we will all die, Snoopy.” Snoopy replies, “True, but on all the other days we will not.”

“I don’t think outside the box. I don’t think inside the box. I don’t even know where the damn box is.”

“Getting lucky means walking into a room and remembering why I’m there.”

“I’m at that delusional age where I think everyone looks wayyyy older than I do.”

“A group of your neighbors wish to announce that the “one way” frosty glass in your bathroom is facing the wrong way.”

“Exhaustipated means I’m too tired to give a shit.”

And finally,

I no long ask myself “What do I want to let go of and what do I want to hang onto?” Instead I ask, “What do I want to let go of and what do I want to give myself to.” (Parker M. Palmer)

And from, Change Me Prayers, by Tosha Silver

“Change me, Divine Beloved into one who is freed from the illusion of time. Protect me from the toxic views this culture holds about age. Help me be open to a miracle of regeneration in every way. May I know I am a dazzling and eternal Soul, not a chronological number.”


Warrior, Warrior, Wherefore Art Thou, Warrior?

I had been feeling so strong and confident after my download of “warrior” energy a few months ago. No fear or trepidation about my upcoming presentation at the conference in Arizona, until…..just a few weeks before I was actually going to present. Suddenly anxiety and fear were once again present. I know that if I can get a handle on the anxiety of presenting I reach a place of true excitement, but at this moment there was only apprehension. Where was that warrior energy? Search as I might it did not seem available.

The Universe doesn’t usually give me direct, explicit injunctions. They are usually much subtler. So here is what I considered the Universes’ response to my question, “What happened to the warrior energy? Where did it go?

One bright day, on my walk through the woods, I was listening to a podcast by someone I had never heard of, but the title of the podcast had the word “warrior” in it and since I was searching I decided to tune in. This person defined a warrior as “someone who is willing to engage in the world.” That was a new definition for me and I could relate to it. I know myself to be someone who is “willing” to engage, even if I’m afraid, uncertain, and nervous.  In fact, one of my mantrams has been, “my job is to just show up”, with whatever I feel I’m being guided to do. I then try to let go of however things turn out, knowing that I am working in cooperation with Spirit and it is a partnership.  It’s not just my show.  So I knew this, but I had never associated it with being a warrior.  I could really breathe into that.

The next piece of clarity came from an email I received from the person coordinating all the talks that the presenters were giving. She said at the end of her email…….”and never forget that as you get up to make your presentation you each have an angel standing beside you.” Whoa, I could really breathe into that.

I am a part of two different groups that I consider my “spiritual family.” In both these groups we ask for the kind of support we need from each other during the month we are not together. We make a commitment to hold those requests in our hearts as we meditate each day.  So I made my request for an easing of my anxiety. Each day when I meditated I not only held those friends in my heart I made a conscious decision to spend a few minutes opening my heart to receive their blessings.

One member, who is a Reiki master, said she would send me a shot of Reiki at the exact moment of my presentation. Just tuning into these energies each day began to seriously diminish my anxiety and I began to feel a bit of the warrior creeping back into my consciousness.

The next piece of understanding came while watching an ice skating competition on TV. It was an amazing display of beauty and motion and connection. It was really perfection in every movement. I remember saying to myself, “Look, you don’t have to do three triple sow cows (?) you just have to give a speech.  Get a grip.”

Sitting with a client who was concerned that because he didn’t feel a strong connection each time he meditated that he was somehow losing it.  I responded, “Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean you’ve lost it.” (note to self)

Now that the presentation is over I feel again, the confidence that always comes when I step out of my comfort zone. I actually have a quote somewhere, by someone, that says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’m stepping out again with a trip to Copenhagen in September to give two talks and a book signing.   Keep me in your thoughts.

“Keep dedicating your energy to what serves your work and in turn helps you to serve those that need your work the most.” Chani Nicholas

A Pre-Easter Blessing

On the day before Easter I was preparing to take a nice long walk.  I must admit I’m a “fair weather” walker.  The weather must be reasonable, the temperature pleasant and I have to be really motivated to make the trek up my long steep driveway and then 3 intimidating hills before I get to an even stretch. But on this day the sun was shining, (a rare occurrence this winter) and I was determined to get outside. Most days, when I take this walk, I plug in my phone and listen to podcasts so I can be distracted from the discomfort of those four hills, but on this day, I was remembering something I had read recently in the book, Aging as a Spiritual Practice. The suggestion was that when you begin any walk you take the first 15 minutes and just focus on gratitude, a “gratitude walk” the author called it.  I liked that idea so decided to try it out, bringing the phone along, just in case. I was ambling along, slowly, because of all the gratitude I was feeling, the smell of the spring flowers in bloom, the warmth of the sun on my face, the beauty of the trees, when I noticed a bench.  I had passed this bench a million times on my walks but this time I paused to take a good look.  I think because I was in such a state of grace I really saw it. To my surprise, and delight, tucked away in the corner was a painted rock, with hearts that surrounded the head of an eagle, and this message, “You are loved.” Wow, I was blown away. Now I know that I am loved, by my family and my close friends, but I don’t always remember that there is a bigger love. This felt like the universe was wrapping it’s arms around me and whispering, “you are loved”. It felt transcendent. 

Well, I tell you, that love carried me through the rest of my 3 mile walk without even a thought of turning on the podcasts.

And BTW, a big dose of gratitude to whomever took the time to perform that sweet act of kindness.

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“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Hamilton W. Mabie

“You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic, a single power, a single salvation and that is called loving,” Herman Hesse

“If the deepest ground of my being is Love, then in that very Love and nowhere else will I find myself, the world, and my brothers and sisters.”  Thomas Merton

“Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent.” Rumi

At War with Night Time

At War with Night Time

It is 3:45 am on a Sunday morning as I sit writing this….one of those periodic nights of insomnia.  The sheets on the bed lie rumpled and torn up…..a war zone.  The battle is between my mental body, (which loves nothing better than to wake up, energized and ready to fight, the minute my head hits the pillow) and my physical body’s need for deep rest.  It wasn’t always like this.  I can remember a time, not so long ago, when my bed was a cradle of welcome.  Inviting me into her warmth with a loving embrace….and I would drift sweetly into dreamland.   Now it has sometimes become a thing to be dreaded.  Before crawling in, the mind is already convinced it will win this war.  The body, fearful, curls up, in constriction. What to do?  Dialogue only seems to activate the monkey mind.  Mantrams, meditation, deep breathing work for a few minutes and then succumb to the anxiety that this will never end.  Worst case scenarios take over….I will forever be tired, I will never sleep all night through, my mind will slowly lose its edge ( if it ever had one) from sleep deprivation, I can’t possibly babysit, teach, hold my full moon meditations, write what I want to write because I won’t have the energy, or the clarity that I need, etc. etc. etc.  The anxiety increases…..so more tossing and turning.  Stillness eludes, relaxation becomes impossible.  When I do feel myself drifting off it only takes one moment of that insidious fear to bring my body to attention. I have yet to find a solution to this dilemma that doesn’t include narcotics with their nasty hangovers.  So I offer no words of wisdom here, no platitudes….I’m still seeking resolution.  I would like to be able to say to myself…..just this moment, this is just a moment in time, can I be with it fully…..not resisting what is?  But there obviously is much resistance.  I have spent lots of time theorizing about the underlying cause of this situation.  Is it rooted in a fear of letting go?…..a deeply buried unwillingness to welcome the darkness?… The truth is I just don’t know and honestly?….I’m sick of thinking about it.  Sometimes it helps to just get up and read my mystery novels for a few hours, but then it feels like giving in to the restlessness.  I’ve tried to eliminate the most obvious causes, no caffeine, no TV or computer after 9pm, stretching before bedtime to relax my body, getting my exercise in, watching my diet.  I have acupuncture treatments once a month and regularly get body work.  So I’m at a loss.  Sometimes I blame it on aging, on solar flares, or whatever astrological configuration is happening, or the full moon, or hormones, but it doesn’t always add up. And like I said I’m totally sick of trying to figure it all out….so for now it will just remain a mystery…..like the stack of “whodunits” lying by my bedside.  I welcome your comments but please, no suggestions, or fixes…..trust me, I really have tried almost everything……and at this particular moment I just needed to get it all off my chest.  Maybe now sleep will come.

Many months later:

I’ve been reading a book called, The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer.  After several profound spiritual awakenings Michael decides to experiment with just surrendering everything to the Divine…every decision, every situation, every moment, really.  His book is a chronicle of his life experiences as he takes on this new perspective.  It was a totally inspiring read and it made me want to experiment with it in my own small way.  I had had several nights of restless sleep….again, and I was fuming and struggling with the why’s and wherefores.  And then I decided that this was the perfect place to start.  Why not turn my nights over to the Divine.  (You can use whatever language works for you……just “turning it over”, works, or “let go and let God.”)  It’s certainly not a new concept.  But I began repeating the mantram every time I thought about my insomnia, especially right before going to bed.  “I’m just leaving this with you.  You can have this night.  Use it in whatever way you want.  It’s yours to do with as you wish.”  I think the following statement was probably the most important:  “However this night plays out, I will be OK.”  Well, I’d like to say that I went on to have a perfectly deep and uninterrupted sleep, but there was some tossing and turning.  The difference was that when I became the least bit restless I repeated the phrase, “I surrender this night to you.  Whatever happens I will be ok.” Amazingly the anxiety went away.  Now it’s only been a few weeks that I have been doing this but so far the anxiety has not returned.  I will probably never sleep like my sis, (dead to the world the minute her head hits the pillow and stays almost in the same position all night.  Some things are just not fair.)……so I still toss and turn but I am sleeping and I’m not getting up to read or play Spider Solitaire for a few hours every night.  I’m encouraged by the power of this practice and have begun using it in more and more areas of my life.  I’m going to a party where I know only a few people.  “I surrender this party to You. Let happen whatever needs to happen.  I will be ok.”  I have a presentation I need to make.  “I surrender this presentation to the Divine, trusting that my words will reach those who need to hear them.  Either way, I will be ok.”  “I surrender my day to the Divine….trusting whatever needs to unfold will do so….without my pushing or efforting or trying to make something happen.”

I surrender this blog to the Divine.  May it reach those who need to hear these words and may it go forth as a blessing to all who read it.

Insomnia Blessing

For you awake

In sorrow.

For you awake

In pain.

For you awake

In illness.

For you awake

In grief.

For you awake

In worry.

For you awake

In fear.

For you awake

In loneliness.

For you awake

In rage.

May peace

Lay itself

Beside you.

May rest

Enfold you with

Its grace.

May solace

Breathe into

Your being.

May sleep

Come and call

Your name.

That you will

Close your eyes

In comfort.

That you will

Spend this night

In peace.

That you will

Give yourself

To dreaming.

That you will

Waken into joy.

Jan Richardson, from the book of poetry called, The Cure for Sorrow

Breathing In

I’ve been thinking a lot this month about my friends and family members who have strong water signs in their chart; sun, moon or rising sign in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. I’m included in this list being a Scorpio sun with a Cancer moon. These are the signs with deep sensitivity to the outer world. Pisces can easily lose their energy to anyone in pain. Cancer gives it away to anyone in need of nurturing or mothering. We meet the world first through our feelings. We are sensitive, empathetic, compassionate people.  So this world is not always easy for us to deal with, especially this particular world, in this particular time. With the sun in Pisces this past month and with several planets aspecting it we have been hit doubly hard with that sensitivity. So it came as no surprise really, when I once again found myself in the pool at the gym with my water aerobics class.  Now, this is a new gym, a new pool, and a new class since my insurance company dropped my other membership. So I knew no one.  But still that same old judgmental mind kicked in when two people were laughing hysterically and talking loudly during the entire class. Some of you might remember this scene from a previous blog, (www.mygentlemusings.wordpress.com)  entitled “Lessons from the gym.”  I thought I had conquered that particular lesson, but here I was in a new place with the same old reaction. I recognized my sensitivity to noise, to distractions and I knew I wanted to have a different response. I tried Pema’s mantram, “Just like me”….trying to remember there were times when I was insensitive.  It didn’t work. I was still rather pissed off. Then I sort of saw how my energy had dispersed outward, as water signs are prone to do. We lose it easily. I took a really deep breath and visualized myself breathing my energy back into myself. I asked myself, silently, of course, “What would happen if I just paid attention to my own energy, if I just focused on how my body feels in this water, if I just breathed myself back into myself? Amazingly I lost almost all of my sensitivity to the outside environment. I just fully inhabited my own body. I know this isn’t rocket science, but the shift was pretty dramatic. The noise in the room visibly diminished, at least to my ears.

So I’ve been pondering this month the challenge it is for us sensitive types to stand in our own being. How do we create a boundary between the outside environment and ourselves without shutting down? Shutting down is easy for most of us, but I don’t really want to go around clenched in and constricted, keeping out the good stuff as well as the disturbing. For me, when I breathed my energy back into my body I felt strong and grounded. I acknowledged, “this is me.” I was still aware of the energy in the room, but it didn’t draw me out of myself. Discernment is difficult. What is mine and what isn’t? It’s one of the important practices for water signs. Where does my energy go when I’m triggered, when I’m worried, when I’m anxious? Can I hold onto it?

Being such strong compassionate types we can sometimes just let everyone in and then wonder where our energy went. I remember a story that one of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte, relayed. She was talking to her teenage son who had just suffered his first heartbreak.  She said to him, “Always keep a gate on your heart. Then you stand there and you get to decide who enters and who doesn’t.” I thought that was a great story because again, discernment includes knowing when someone else’s energy will not support our well being.  The Buddha is reported to have said to someone, “Never throw anyone out of your heart.  You may have to through them out of your house, but never out of your heart.” Some people deserve to come in, some come in and then need to leave, and for some we need to lock that gate as tightly as we can…..but with a loving heart.


“Minding my own business is a full time job.”  Byron Katie

I would paraphrase, “Holding onto my own energy is a full time job.”

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequencies rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” Barbara Marciniak

“You’re not here to carry everyone else’s stuff. They came here fully equipped with their own team of cosmic sherpas just like you did.” Sherryl Frauenglass

“Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.” Kimberly Jones

Just for fun:

“There are over 7 trillion nerves in the human body. Some people are capable of getting on every damn one of them.” Anonymous

God Works in Mysterious Ways…..Yes She Does

My intention for some time now has been to try to trust more deeply in the ebb and flow of life.  To be willing to be guided and led by my deeper knowing instead of doggedly and perhaps, unconsciously pursuing my own agenda….and to wait, knowing that the next step will reveal itself.  I don’t have to go looking for it. My prayer has been, “I am willing to do what the Soul requires as soon as I register and recognize it as my next duty.”

When one of my Soul sisters, Anne, emailed me from Copenhagen that she was in meditation that morning and I appeared to her, I was a bit surprised.  I guess I’m still a bit shocked when people tell me that they feel my presence when I’m not actually there.  Anyway, the message that came with her awareness of me was that I needed to come to see her this summer.  At first I thought that she just missed me and wanted to get together, and my concrete mind kicked in with questions:  Could I afford it? Did I really want to go to Europe again, at my age? What about jet lag? I felt a bit resistant.  I’m so comfortable here, with my life right now, why make another big plan? The whole litany of ego concerns presented themselves, but I promised her I would sit with it in meditation myself and see if I felt the “nudge” of my Soul.  So, that very morning I was in meditation and I posed the question.  “Give me a sign if this is something my Soul has planned for my next step.”……not understanding that a simple visit to a friend could have Soul purpose, but I was willing to ask.  What came, was unexpected.  I felt a surge of energy in my body.  I sat up straight, spine erect, filled with what I can only describe as a downpouring of will energy. After sitting with that for a few minutes and just breathing it into my body I felt myself relax into a more expansive state.  Then, surprisingly, I began to write, in my head, a description of a talk I could give at an upcoming conference.  The whole paragraph played itself out in my mind. I know, when that happens, to write it all down immediately so it won’t be forgotten.  What is surprising about this is that I had only given slight consideration to even going to this conference, let alone presenting a talk. I have given talks before at this conference so it had crossed my mind, but I somehow felt lethargic about it and not too interested in creating it. Then suddenly the energy was there to offer it. In a manner uncharacteristic of me, I immediately wrote the organizer and submitted my proposal. Amazingly, she wrote back within the hour and accepted it. Wow, that was stunning. Now this energy is still running through me and I start thinking about Copenhagen.  All of a sudden it feels completely doable and I even come up with the idea that I could do a book signing there to a group my friend belongs to and then it would be tax deductible.  I write her and make that proposal.  So, now I’m on a roll and my mind goes to the fact that if I go to Copenhagen I would most likely stopover in the UK.  A friend, in Canada has told me that anytime I want to go to England she can probably arrange a book signing there.  So, I email her and she gets right back.  She’ll see what she can put together. Another friend emails me totally out of the blue about doing a presentation at a retreat center on Orcas island. By now I’m pretty much blown away but I always attempt to confirm or reject a message I’m getting by checking my horoscope.  Why am I not surprised when I see that this year is all about expanding my career, getting out into the world more, basically putting myself out there, being adventurous and not getting stuck in a rut, break things up a bit.

So, what started as an innocent invitation soon morphed into this message from the universe about what I am to do next.  One would think I would be used to the magic of the way things work in my life, but somehow it always sort of stuns me.  I do believe that this particular set of messages came about mainly because I had earlier opened myself up to a greater sense of my own power and strength. (See my blog on “Warrior Am I.”) I’m sure my resistance would have been much stronger had I not felt, again, that strength pouring into me.

 I aspire to trust more deeply in my own strength and not be surprised by the magic that appears in my life.

 I aspire to think big and not be held back by my self-perceived limitations.

 I aspire to live my life with ease.

 From:  The Game of Life and How to Live It, by Florence Scovel Shinn

“My perfect path is already selected and will arrive at the right time. I’ll be shown the steps to receive it.”

“Today, the Divine will show me the way.  I’m open to all messages, signs, and omens. I’ll move as if there’s a Force of Love waiting to aid me in every area of my life, big or small.”

From:  BhagwanShree Rajneesh

“Life is a series of natural, and spontaneous changes.

Don’t resist them—

That only creates sorrow.

Let reality be reality.

Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Don’t try to force anything.

Let life be a deep let-go.

See God opening millions of flowers every day

Without forcing the buds.”

From: Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. 1, by Alice Bailey

“Live today as your Soul dictates and the future will round out itself in fruitful service.”



Warrior Am I

I am a Scorpio, with a birthday in November.  I also study esoteric astrology which assigns mantrams to each astrological sign. One of the mantrams for Scorpio is, “Warrior am I, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.” I have always resonated with those words, but the embodiment of them has been a lifelong challenge. Flash back to 1964 or thereabouts.  My ex and I were involved in the Human Potential Movement back then and one of the vehicles for this movement were what was called, “Encounter Groups.” We would come together and do a lot of role playing, acting out different parts of ourselves in an attempt to raise our consciousness.  This evening, we were divided into two groups.  One group held power and control over the other group. I was assigned to the power group.  I don’t remember the exact scenario we were asked to play but I do remember the rush that came over me as I felt my power. I got totally into it, so much so that I lost my feeling of connection to the people we were controlling. One of them was even my very best friend, but after some time, I didn’t even see her. She was just an object to subdue and control. Later as we processed the “game” it struck me with such force that I was speechless.  I had completely lost touch with my own humanity and the humanity of the people in this group.  I no longer saw them as a part of the human family, I saw them as objects only to be controlled and manipulated.  It literally scared the Sh..&%#& out of me. From that moment on I became afraid of my power and vowed to keep it under wraps.  Fast forward to the mid 1980’s. Studying for my Master’s Degree in Psychology I had taken a class in Psychosynthesis. We practiced a lot of guided imagery in this class and one time we were asked to imagine our “ideal image.” Could we see a picture of how we would most like to be in the world? I immediately saw a fierce Native American warrior standing tall and powerful with a long spear in his right hand.  Then I noticed his left hand in which there was a soft, furry baby kitten.  What I took from this image is that somehow, I needed to join my warrior masculine energy, with the softness and receptivity of the feminine. I understood this mentally, but it didn’t translate into a trust in that power. Fast forward again to 2016. In November of 2016 I took a weekend workshop with the renowned sound healer, Tom Kenyon. We participated in several meditations involving sound and healing. Sometimes, for me, when I’m in a meditation where the energy is very powerful I reach a point where I choose to shut down.  I say to myself, I can’t take in anymore.” I think it’s that old fear of too much and not trusting it.  This time, as I felt the energy reach a very high point I just said to myself, “Welcome, please come into my body.  You are welcome here.”  I experienced such gratitude and appreciation as I said these words to myself. Then something really big opened up within me and I felt a surge of strength, power and will energy. I fully opened to it and felt it become a part of me.

Another insight I got during this meditation was that it was fear that stops me and that the antidote to that fear, for me, was a belief in my own resilience.  When I truly believe I can handle whatever comes my way I am propelled out of the inertia that fear creates.

Tom works with a group of beings called the Hathors. They live in a high dimension of consciousness and work through Tom and his voice as he sings. It’s a very powerful experience. So, we did a meditation in which they were to gift us with energy from Sirius and Venus.  I have long resonated with Sirius as it is the energy that pours through Scorpio. So, in this meditation I felt my heart and chest open and felt another surge of POWER course through me. I saw myself embody the warrior energy, strong and pure and unafraid. I trusted this power, because it was accompanied with a strong energy of compassion. I knew I would not misuse this gift. I had strengthened the compassionate energy within me to the point where I knew it would always balance any tendency to abuse my power. Now I was free to fully express my power in the world.

I have seen this blending of energies play out in my everyday life as a stronger feeling of confidence, as a willingness to take my work out into the world in a more active way without the accompanying fear and trepidation.  There is now an excitement about giving what gifts I may possess instead of the anxiety that I may not do it right, or may not know enough, or somehow, I will make a fool of myself. Then, amazingly, new opportunities opened up for me to present my work and after meditating on the new possibilities, I sensed no resistance, just a resounding inner, “yes.”  (more about this in my next blog)

Lazarus Blessing, by Jan Richardson

The secret

Of this blessing

Is that it is written

On the back

Of what binds you.

To read

This blessing,

You must take hold

Of the end

Of what

Confines you,

Must begin to tug

At the edge

Of what wraps

You round.

It may take long

And long

For its length

To fall away,

For the words

Of this blessing

To unwind

In folds

About your feet.

By then

You will no longer

Need them.

By then this blessing

Will have pressed itself

Into your waking flesh,

Will have passed

Into your bones,

Will have traveled

Every vein

Until it comes to rest

Inside the chambers

Of your heart

That beats to

The rhythm

Of benediction

And the cadence of release.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us……… Your playing small does not serve the world…..We are all meant to shine…….As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love.